Simple Case Suite


Adi Mainly Software provides encompassing solutions for distributed systems’ communication interfaces, which are tailored to your specific needs. Our Simple Case suite of tools provides organizations and businesses a rapid and accurate development of sub-system interfaces.

The Challenge

A key challenge in the development of large distributed systems is transferring data between the different parts of the system. Every system component (software or hardware) may transfer data to one or more component or subsystem. Some components may receive data from other system units. Different protocols, network and application, are used to transfer the messages contained within the data. For example, TCP, UDP, Mux Bus, DDS etc. Some components even use several different protocols for the purpose of data sharing. We can say that the interface between two components consists of data and the protocol used to relay that data. A big problem that every system manufacturer faces has to do with how to ensure data consistency across so many components as well as different developments groups and development phases.

The Solution

We provide you with a comprehensive solution using our innovative Simple case suite of tools, tailored to your specific needs. Our solution is composed of three important concepts: ModelingCoding, and Testing.

Based on our extensive experience in developing complex systems particularly in the defense industry, we estimate that using our solution from the Specification phase to the Testing phase can save you at least 20% – 40% in cost of development per project.