The Failure Definition Manager (FDM) is a form based extension of the ICD tool that allows you to add logic for recognition of and reaction to fail conditions in distributed systems. Recognition of fails involves monitoring data values of one or more data elements defined in ICD tool, but can also be defined as a function of these elements. Fail elements can also be grouped together according to functionality, origin or other criteria.

Key Benefits

  • Connect specification and implementation of fail recognition logic by defining it in a tool that generates both code as well as documentation.
  • Avoid hard to understand code prone to many ‘if’ clauses by generating automatic code guaranteed to be correct.
  • Make logic behind each fail clear and immediately available to all.
  • Enable separation of fail recognition and reaction code between different modules automatically.
  • Ensure changes to logic are immediately reflected in implementation.
  • Encourage reuse of failure definitions between projects using copy and compare utilities.

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