Junction Framework is a messaging framework written in C++ language, constructed to significantly simplify the development of message driven applications by implementing the relations between data elements as well as the dynamic behavior characteristics for the messages. Junction Database and Framework are intended for distributed systems where messaging is the main inter-system communication.

From the diagram below, you can see that when using the Junction tool and Junction Framework to develop the messaging handling of an application, you only need to handle specific inter-protocol logic manually. The majority of the code is already written / generated for you.

Key Benefits

  • Use data elements as normal variables.
  • Get event notification for element and message changes / updates.
  • Automatic range checking for elements.
  • Iterate through message elements and inner sub-elements.
  • Convert messages to & from interface representation.
  • Change delivery & reception attributes of messages at run-time.
  • Send any message from Protocol object.
  • Get corrupted & undelivered messages notifications.
  • Get transfer statistics at run-time.
  • Configure reception, processing and delivery sessions policies.
  • Update protocols dependencies at run-time.
  • Interrupt & block any automatic process.

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