The ICD Tool lets you model your system / systems interfaces in a central location accessible by all members of your organization. The modelling is done in a language independent data base through filling out forms that guide you in the process of entering the data. Once the interface data is modelled inside the database, you use the File Generation utility (installed with the ICD) to generate code for your developed system in multiple available languages and formats including various C, C++, C# and XML formats. You can also generate different reports directly from the ICD Tool that can make up the bulk of your system’s ICD (Interface Control Document), IRS, or IDD.

Key Benefits

  • Save up to 5 times the work by defining the data of interfaces in the system only once.
  • Promote transparency in the system by making the interfaces data available to all levels without need for digging into the code.
  • Avoid mistakes caused by multiple and possibly conflicting definitions.
  • Use forms that enforce strict rules to eliminate unclear data definition that may lead to errors in the implementation stage.
  • Distribute changes of data definitions to any participant with a click of a button, getting rid of the time consuming practice of “chasing the paper trail” as well as the constant need to compare document versions.
  • Collaborate between teams with a model based common language that is platform independent when defining the interfaces data.
  • Switch between platforms easily by simply selecting a different generation from the data base.
  • Control group and user permissions to protect data from unwanted changes by unauthorized users.

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