Adi Mainly Software Ltd. provides its customers with comprehensive innovative solutions and tools for embedded systems. We develop, implement and design solutions for distributed systems’ communication interfaces, tailored to your specific needs.

Adi’s flagship product – the Simple Case suite of tools – provides organizations and businesses a rapid and accurate development of sub-system interfaces, composed of three important concepts: Modeling, Coding, and Testing. In addition to supplying industry leading tools for software development, we can help you in the following capacities:


If you find that you are short staffed to handle your entire work load or if you do not consider some components as your core business, we are ready to develop any part of your system that is within our area of expertise. What area is that you ask?

We have accumulated many years of experience in the area of distributed systems that employ message passing as means to share data between system components and modules. In the process, we have worked extensively with various protocols of communication such as:

  • UDP
  • TCP
  • RS
  • Muxbus
  • Canbus
  • DDS

All of our projects have been developed for or in collaboration with the biggest security and defense companies in Israel.


Professional Consulting

Designing and developing distributed systems can be a complex task, not to mention a daunting one. When you are faced with hard decisions or unfamiliar territory, it can be very beneficial to have seasoned veterans in your corner helping you avoid the dangerous pitfalls.

Adi Mainly Software Ltd. has been successfully and consistently delivering large complex projects for years, and we are ready to put our experience and knowledge at your disposal.

We are dedicated to our set goal – not just words, but actual results. Contact our office, and we’ll connect you with some of our satisfied clients so you can get all the feedback you need to make the right decision.