Leading Companies Who Continue to Trust Us

Adi Mainly Software Ltd. was established in 1991 to provide and develop software solutions and tools for embedded systems. The company has collaborated in over 300 projects, with a 99% success rate and full customer satisfaction.

Based on the company’s success in outsourcing its expertise to leading defense entities in Israel, Adi has developed a specific, simplified version of Computer Aided Software Engineering tools (CASE) used to speed system development. Adi’s flagship product, the ’Simple Case Suite’, allows systems engineers and developers to concentrate on their development work rather than simply learn how to use ‘assistance’ tools

Not Just Words, Absolute Results.

We could give you further compelling examples and share inspiring words about our vision, mission, and innovation, or any other aspect of our goals and experience, but rather than providing examples and descriptions, we prefer to let our experience speak for us. To help you avoid any risk of seeing your next multi-million dollar project grind to a halt as a consequence of using the wrong support methods, allow us to show you, in a short and concise manner, why leading companies in the field prefer working with Adi Mainly Software: