Test Manager Tool helps you automate functional and black-box testing by giving you the capability to create test scripts on top of Adi’s SIM32 simulator. You have access to the same data of your simulator configuration and can manipulate element values and message transmission adding additional logic for testing value conditions that control the flow of the test script. The scripts can be joined together to create longer, more complex scripts that run as a single test. This is particularly useful in regression testing, as all (or some) of your tests can be run sequentially with just one click of a button.

Key Benefits

  • Create automatic test scripts (scenarios) that are long running and do not require manual input.
  • Batch several scripts together and run them sequentially for easy regression testing.
  • Manipulate all messages and data elements of a specific configuration the same as you do in Simulator.
  • Transfer control to different scenarios or different parts of a scenario based on data values received from the unit under test (UUT).
  • Automatically receive reports that show whether a scenario passed or failed including specific test steps’ results.
  • Run test scenarios in debug mode enabling setting breakpoints at specific locations and single stepping through particular areas of interest.
  • Copy, cut and paste parts of scenarios to quickly replicate recurring logic.
  • Easily integrate test reports into your documentation by customizing your test run report to only show specific steps of interest and their results.
  • Achieve finer control over test scripts by allow manual user intervention at specific points during the test run.

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