Adi’s SIM32 is a communication simulator designed to assist you in black box and functional testing of your developed units. It can simulate and display the inputs and outputs of any module according to the interface specification from the ICD Tool.

The figure below demonstrates the use of SIM32 for simulating the entire environment of the developed system or sub-system. All the outputs of the UUT (unit under test) can be displayed by the Simulator either on one workstation or on several. All inputs can be simulated by the Simulator, providing of course, that the appropriate hardware is available.

Key Benefits

  • Simulate any message sent to your tested unit based on the interfaces definition from the ICD. Change any data value within these messages.
  • Display any message to or from the tested unit using various GUI components such as tables, panels and graphs.
  • Use popular communication protocols such as UDP, TCP, RS 232 and more without coding. Customize or switch between them by changing a schema based XML file.
  • Record any data that is sent to or received from the unit under test.
  • Review the data inside the simulator or export it to excel format for further analysis.
  • Manipulate data values manually or through cyclic functions that are bound by the limits defined in the ICD.
  • Flexible GUI components let you group data elements in views regardless of actual location in messages.
  • Use built in mechanism to govern protocol aspects such as ID, counters, checksums of messages.
  • Create your own unique protocols in C++ code utilizing our simple, yet flexible SBASE framework which allows you to define only the custom parts of the protocol (application or communication layer) leaving the rest to the framework.
  • Transform your simulated environment to monitoring software by changing the XML configuration file. All data between actual units of the system can be observed and recorded.

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