SBASE is a C++ framework for implementing custom behavior in communication drivers of SIM32. The driver of SIM32 simulator handles transmission, reception and low level verification of the data that is generated and received by the simulator.

SIM32 comes supplied with several simple inbuilt driver types that have the ability to work with different communication mediums including TCP, UDP, and RS communication protocols as well as Ethernet sniffing driver for monitoring.

The simulator’s configuration file lets you use built-in common scenarios of data checks and manipulation at the driver level including calculation and check of simple checksums, message counters, message id, and message sync number. This is easily performed using schema based XML properties without any coding or compilation of driver files.

There are times however, that more complex logic is needed for communication management of data, for customizing common tasks such as specific checksum handling. Other times it is required to handle communication over a carrier protocol that is not implemented inherently by SIM32.

SBASE lets you enhance the capabilities of the driver of SIM32 in any manner you see fit while retaining the data flow of the simulator. This keeps coding to a minimum and safeguards you from making costly mistakes while allowing complete flexibility in implementation.

SBASE API is written in un-managed C++ code that is intended for use in Microsoft Visual Studio environment*. It has been developed based on years of experience with different communication protocols and has been extensively used in configurations enfolding a comprehensive array of demands for data manipulation both in-house as well as in projects of leading companies in the defense industry.

Key Benefits

  • Enhance existing communication drivers with minimum amount of code using existing communication protocol classes.
  • Build custom made drivers that utilize all inherent logic needed with the ability to manipulate any data buffer completely.
  • Use inherent events to manipulate or validate data at different points of the data reception and transmission.
  • Add specific communication protocol support only and let framework take care of data flow.

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