The concept of testing is simple – discover any deviation in the produced system from the requirements set during the specification phase. The problem is that testing can consume up to 50% of the effort required to produce a working system, and is often repeated throughout the development cycle. With over 20 years of intensive work in the development of distributed systems, Adi Mainly Software offers you a useful alternative, which proves time and again that there is a viable solution for the testing process.

Why You Should Avoid Developing Ad Hoc Testing Tools

When you develop software, you are often tempted to just do a little extra work and whip up your own testing tools specifically tailored to your current project.

We know this is a very bad idea.

Odds are you are not in the business of developing testing software and even if you have extremely talented developers, there are endless pitfalls that will quickly make this seemingly simple side project a lot more trouble than it’s worth. So in the interest of saving you from giving in to that very confident developer who’s telling you he (let’s face it, it’s almost always a guy) can do this in two weeks max, we have this chart estimating the actual time you will waste developing a simulator instead of just buying a generic COTS one:

Two Tools that Redefine Testing

As part of our Simple Case suite, we provide you with two significant tools that can greatly affect your testing process – the SIM32 simulator and TestManager tools. Using these tools you will be able to:

  • Create a testing environment for any sub-system that is being developed
  • Generate the same interface data that was defined using our modeling tool (see Modeling section and ICD tool) into the testing environment for immediate use in your simulation
  • Prepare automatic test scripts once, and run them when needed with or without user intervention
  • Use our already prepared framework to easily implement simulation of different protocols typically by only changing a configuration XML file
  • Switch your simulation to monitoring mode and record all data transferred between units for later analysis
  • And more…

Tested Live in Leading Industries

Using these generic tools can be useful for a single project, but imagine the results when considering their reuse in several projects. Since the GUI stays the same for each new sub-system or project configuration, the learning cost is paid only once up-front, this in contrast to the ad-hoc development of testing tools that incurs a learning curve for any subsequent project.

In addition, our off the shelf products are thoroughly tested in the field. Specifically, ADI’s tools are the product of years of development and are exhaustively used in extremely demanding systems within the Israeli Defense and Aerospace industry.

Testing Products