The Junction Tool is a form based extension of the ICD tool that allows you to define associations between data elements as well as dynamic behavior of messages. Operating on the same database defined in the ICD tool, it generates code that can make up large parts of your developed application’s logic.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce the workload of your developers by defining calculation functions for output elements based on input elements. This can be quite substantial in systems that deal with data communication.
  • Leverage Adi’s Junction Framework to produce proven tested automatic code that can compose up to 90% of the total code in some systems.
  • Clarify logic of when and how messages are sent in response to data change or message reception, by defining it in the central database instead of burying it in the code.
  • Reduce time and errors by using a tried and tested ‘Guarantee Delivery’ mechanism to correlate between commanded data element and reported data element.
  • Save time on documentation by generating reports describing the logical relationships between elements and messages.
  • Work with simple forms that are very similar to the ICD tool, substantially reducing learning curve.

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